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Professional Massage (Small)

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68050 S. Main Street
Richmond, MI 48062 

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(586) 727-4042

Description: Since 1983, Sandra M. Goguen,LPN, has enjoyed introducing and exploring the body, mind and spiritual approaches to wellness, through treatments, such as massage and education. At Professional Massage Services our staff of therapists are graduates of the finest massage schools. We are proud to have therapists employed with us for over 15 years. Their expertise in a wide range of bodywork techniques, and their passion for the healing arts gives them the necessary versatility to mold the perfect session for you. No two people are alike. We know that your body changes daily and so do your needs. We provide a perfect massage environment that supports the art of rest and relaxation. Casual, clean and homelike, sessions are never rushed. Once you become a client of Professional Massage Services, you are never a stranger. We take the time to get to know you and your family so that we may become a partner in your wellness plan. When you feel the need to escape life's pressures, relax from stress, relieve back and neck pain, reduce muscle spasms or stiffness and to get a better and more restful sleep, come to Professional Massage Services-it will be the highlight of your week!