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Categories: Emergency Services

34505 32 Mile
Richmond, MI 48062 

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(586) 727-2184

Description: RLEMS is a municipally owned Ambulance Authority; our shared service has been providing E.M.S. to northern Macomb County since 1975. Richmond Township and Lenox Township are the joint owners, of the authority. RLEMS contracts to provide cost effective service to the City of Richmond, City of Memphis, Village of New Haven, and Township of Ray. As well as Casco, Columbus, Riley and Wales Township in St. Clair County. The EMS answers over 3,800 Emergency calls each year. Funding: RLEMS operates on a budget of just over 2 million dollars, five hundred thousand dollars of which is paid in subsidies by our owner communities and stipends provided from the Cities of Richmond and Memphis. The EMS has averages over $100,000.00 annually in grant funding, with the remainder being collected from insurance companies, patients, and donations. Personnel: The EMS currently employs 15 full time and 32 part time employees. Its Director/Chief Executive has been employed by the EMS since 1989. Stations/Equipment & Response Times: RLEMS operates out of 3 stations (2 in Richmond Township and 1 in Lenox Township) with 5 Advanced Life Support Units. 911 calls are dispatched through a long standing agreement with the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department. Station # 1 (headquarters) is located on 32 Mile Rd in Richmond Township, Station # 2 (built in 1999) is located in the Richmond Township Offices on School Section Rd in Richmond Township, Station # 3 (built in 2003) is located next to the Lenox Township Fire Station # 1 and the Lenox Township Department of Public Works Building on Gratiot Ave. Each EMS station is equipped with full living quarters for personnel, operational offices including radios/internet, maintenance bays for our vehicles, and exercise equipment. All EMS stations have back up power supply generators. The EMS also has a special operations trailer equipped for mass casualty and care including an all-terrain vehicle for rescue situations. EMS response times are under 7 minutes and the quality of care our staff provides exceeds industry standards. In 2006 our Paramedics won the State EMS competition, held annually in Grand Rapids, MI. Accomplishments & Other Services Provided: Richmond Lenox E.M.S. through the communities donations and support, have renovated our headquarters and purchased defibrillators for our area police and fire departments. Through a relationship with the Macomb County Health Department, Richmond EMS provides flu immunizations each fall in an effort to improve the health of our citizens. RLEMS offers classes in community safety, Blood borne Pathogens, First Aid, CPR, EMT and MFR certification. Other services offered by our local EMS include, free blood pressure screenings, community blood drives and Life Line Emergency Call Access. We have also been and remain very involved in lobbying for Community Public Safety. The EMS provides no-cost standby services at events, such as: high school football games, Richmond Good Old Days, The Memphis Daze, St. Clair Counties 4-H Fair, and any numerous other public gatherings.