U.S. Pattern Co., Inc.



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69150 Skinner Dr.
Richmond, MI 48062 

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(586) 727-2896

Description: U. S. Pattern Co., Inc. is a well-established manufacturing facility that produces patterns and foundry tooling out of plastic, wood, iron, aluminum and steel. The Company also produces wood and plastic prototypes and models. U. S. Pattern Co., Inc. was founded in 1941 and incorporated in the State of Michigan in 1946. Louis M. Trautman bought into the Company in 1942 where he worked and managed the Company until his death in 1948. His son, Robert J. Trautman then took over in 1955. He ran the business until his retirement in 1992, at which time, he turned the management over to his sons, Louis M. Trautman II and Michael R. Trautman. The first location of U. S. Pattern was located at Clay and St. Aubin in Detroit. U. S. Pattern Company's present facility in the City of Richmond was completed in November 1997. This facility is state of the art and is able to accommodate any size job, big or small!