Waste Management-Pine Tree Acres


Categories: Waste Management

Description: Every year, across Macomb County and southeastern Michigan, homes, schools and businesses generate waste. The waste must be disposed of in a safe, affordable and environmentally friendly manner. Pine Tree Acres Landfill is located in a rural setting in Lenox Township, Michigan. The facility is a Type II non-hazardous solid waste disposal landfill and was granted its first construction permit in 1986. The landfill began operations in 1987. Pine Tree Acres is the only landfill in Macomb County and provides disposal services for Michigan communities and businesses located primarily in the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments' (SEMCOG) seven county area. The site is owned by Waste Management, the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive environmental services. Waste Management collection operations in Ontario and Michigan utilize Pine Tree Acres Landfill. Pine Tree Acres is also an energy producer, a key employer, and a community resource. Pine Tree Acres is regulated by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and works closely with its host community, Lenox Township, to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations.