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Welcome Wagon

5830 Coral Ridge Drive Ste 240
Coral Springs, FL 33076 USA

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Description: Welcoming New Movers for over 85 years! We offer businesses EXCLUSIVITY per heading i.e. 1 tax prep business, 1 pizza parlor, 1 heating contractor, 1 hospital, 1 family dentist etc. We provide a gift book mailer the first month they move in, and a follow up book 3 months later, sent to the new movers. Also included is a link to the advertisers website from our nationwide website. We also give the advertiser the new mover list monthly! This list enables you to keep contacting these new movers with monthly specials, and additional information about your business! We provide a UNIQUE product to a Niche market of credit worthy new movers! They don't know you or your competition! We want the best of Northern Macomb County in your local gift book!